About Us


We want to restore pride and respect in the African woman. Society has changed and every day it is continuously changing and It’s no secret that teens and young adults everywhere turn to magazines, the internet and TV when they need guidance and support in their everyday life and as African ladies it is hard to find advice tailor made for us and this a platform to steer the conversation and talk about the issues that truly affect us.

Sunday/Monday: Lifestyle (Make Up or Fashion Tips for the week)

Including DIY and real woman stuff like I Want to Hide My Arms or Help Me Disguise My Flat Ass or I Don’t Want to Suck In All Day To Hide My Belly, What Should I Wear? Our writers will do spreads on trying on clothes by undiscovered designers who we will feature on the blog and on all our corresponding social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and also tips on image, the right way to dress when demanding respect at the office, we want the readers to become much more aware of the importance of representation in the media, especially in fashion media, and providing more of a feminist angle than just how to look like a Barbie.

Men often get blamed for objectifying women–but it’s other women who set the ridiculous standards so we want to build not shame, show real life women, living and loving themselves just as they are.

Tuesday: Story OF The Week,

The writers will get a chance to share their own personal stories; something that inspires them, or about school, survival tips, or about family. Just some good, well-written stories about womanhood, not excerpts from romance novels, but the real stuff – the hard, real life, “miscarriage while my best friend is having twins, to education to equality to campus rape culture.”

We will eventually open this day up to live chat with the writer where people can ask questions about personal experiences on topics that the writers will have written and researched on.

Wednesday : Women Crush Wednesdays,

This will be a weekly featured list of the women who have done great things for our society and profiles on women who are leading movements and conversations in various fields from art and fashion to education and social justice.

Note: Just to clarify African doesn’t mean black, so we will be featuring women of all races and our own local heroes as well.

Thursday: Tips To Navigating Your Dating Life

Now this will include actual real advice on dating an actual black African man. Yes, we know the men here don’t all actually take women out for dinner dates and picnics so we will feature content on real life dating as it applies to real African woman. We talk about blessers, sidechicks, dating the uneducated rapper, meeting a guy online, meeting in a bar, the horrendous things that men say when they text you.

Don’t text him. Just that, just that line. We all need it sometimes.

Articles about how to let boys down; It seems like this doesn’t come up in magazines, as if no woman would ever want to let go of a potential dating partner. But, um, we do sometimes and we want our readers to know their worth, to know that accepting abuse is not to love and most of all self-love, sex on the first date, vs remaining a virgin it’s all okay. A whole article telling us what women find sexy. Not “how to attract anyone”, just how to define pleasure from sex, Ways to blow your own mind in bed.

Discuss the serious stuff too, opinions on lobola, what to expect from a kitchen tea, finding the right guy for you. Living your life without a guy in a society that raises women for marriage, what is abuse and what isn’t, Marriage pressure from family, how to know whether or not you are ready. We aim to discuss the real deep issues that African woman face in Africa.

Friday: Wacky Friday,

Different things each week in entertainment like movie reviews i.e.) movies to watch when you’re boyfriend isn’t around, movies to watch when you are going through a break up, inspirational movies about women (hidden figures comes to mind) and book reviews or reading list suggestions like lists of books by African Writers, Playlists or songs from different genres, discovering new artists who are just being slept on before they hit the big screens. Game and tech reviews for our female gamers and career reviews and profiles e.g.: how to become a game tester, engineer etc. careers not always dominated by women.

Saturday: #NoFilter

This is the day to discuss anything and everything. New slang words no one knows the meaning of, a shy girl’s guide to a night out on the town, celebrity gossip. Things we are afraid to say in front of our parents. This day will also give us a chance to open up the forum to talk about the things that would have been featured on our show that week.