Blonde for love


The quote,” being blonde” is a stereotypical phrase that is associated with a woman having blond hair and these women with blond hair were and still are attractive but lack brains. In today’s society, the phrase simply means you are attractive but lack knowledge. It means you are good as a sex object. Women would rather be beautiful as that grabs a man’s attention faster than him getting to know you.

There are times as a woman you feel like you should do anything necessary to impress that one guy and this means acting a fool, ”blond”. Everyone acts a fool at some point when they are in love and this also includes me. I recently took to the streets and asked a couple of young women if they have ever had to act blond in order to impress or get a guy’s attention and the result was four out of five women have.

I asked a girl we shall call Ester what she did to act blond and she recalled one occasion where she had to act like she can’t read the time just to get the attention from her boyfriend. On another occasion, she told me she once acted like she could not read a map just to have the guy do it for her. With this in mind we then pose the question why we women act blond and why then do our men seem like they are attracted by this.

Women act blond because being blond means you are attractive but lack the brains.In this case, the notion is brains don’t matter because men are attracted by what they see rather than what you know and this has gotten many women what they want in terms of material things. When a woman acts like she is less intelligent it makes the man feel like he has control because they are naturally dominant. Man don’t want competition from a woman and believe that we should be submissive least we bruise their ego.

When a woman holds a position of power (e.g. a CEO) or if she is more educated than a man, it becomes difficult to get respect from the opposite sex. This is why women in positions of power have to work extra hard to prove that they deserve respect in their line of profession because naturally, society assumes most of the time we sleep our way to the top.

A huge majority of man do not feel comfortable when their spouse earns more money that they do and this causes friction in relationships. A small number of man don’t mind if their spouse earns more. However, in a research, I did recently four out of five-man would rather date a woman who has brains than those with beauty only to offer. The reason these men said this was that as we grow older looks fade but personality doesn’t. They also said they need a partner who can help the kids with homework, one who can budget and plan for the future. They didn’t nullify the beauty aspect as this attracts them to you in the first place but after having a conversation with you and they discover that you are an empty vessel it’s a turn off for them.

In conclusion, ladies what I found out is men would rather marry a woman who is brainy than marry someone who has only beauty to offer. One man I will call Peter,” said a girl who is pretty only, is good for the bedroom and also as a trophy to show off to his friends. I think that as women we should strive to maintain a balance in our everyday life, get that education girl, put on that lipstick and tight dress, be a boss and remember a guy who truly loves you will take you as you are.


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