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The point of this page is to explain the various jobs  Afrous has to offer. If you feel you cannot qualify for the job you’ve applied for, please do not apply.

The job application can be found in a google form (here) as well as the ‘about’ tab on our profile.

Here is a list of every job we offer, including responsibilities, availability, etc. If the job is open, there will be a note saying {open} next to it. If there is no {open} note, that position is currently occupied.

If you would like to know who is in our team, please go to the “The Team” tab on this site.

Blog Team

(Open) Editor In Chief: The editor-in-chief is responsible for hiring, especially of the assistant editors. With the assistant editors, the editor-in-chief creates the editorial board, or outline, for each of the publication’s editions or issues. The editor-in-chief reviews all articles and photographs for accuracy as well as potential libel or slander, and provides suggestions, if needed, about any changes to make before the publication goes to press or is released digitally. Layouts and design need approval by the editor-in-chief. In the end, the editor-in-chief has the final word about which stories and photos get published.

The editor-in-chief meets regularly with the publisher or publication board to discuss issues, plans, and other business relating to the publication. The editor-in-chief has the responsibility of drawing up issue proposals and any other information requested by the publisher. The editor-in-chief generates ideas for new ways of doing things, such as using new technology, implementing ways to increase readership, and how to utilize new media. Tough problems are often handled by the editor-in-chief, and advice about editorial issues is also provided.

(Open) Managing Editor: The managing editor manages the workflow of a Blog, creating a list of each Blog’s feature, column and department stories’ and other editorial. The managing editor assigns articles and gives deadlines and word counts. The managing editor also often traffics all artwork, locating it, securing it, setting budgets and working to make sure advertising materials arrive on time. The managing editor contacts all editors, writers and advertising staff before material is due to ensure they are on schedule. If she finds out that an article, artwork or an ad won’t arrive on time, she will make arrangements to fill the void

(Open) Creative Director: Develop visual concepts for publications. They oversee the creation of layouts that accompany Blog stories, supervise design efforts, and determine the overall look and feel of the finished product prior to publication. Determine how best to represent a concept visually. Determine which photographs, art, or other design elements to use. Develop the overall look or style of a publication. Supervise design staff. Review and approve designs, artwork, photography, and graphics developed by other staff members. Talk to clients to develop an artistic approach and style. Coordinate activities with other artistic and creative departments. Develop detailed budgets and timelines. Present designs to the editor in chief for approval.

(Open)Social Media Manager: The Social Media manager is responsible for delivering the team’s articles directly to the audience on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. From posting a web article onto the mag’s Facebook page to Instagraming the newest cover star, social media helps a Blog interact directly with its audience to keep them loving the brand.

Duties Include Administrating the creation and publishing of relevant, original, high-quality content. Identify and improve organizational development aspects that would improve content (ie: employee training, recognition and rewards for participation in the company’s marketing and online review building). Create a regular publishing schedule. Implement a content editorial calendar to manage content and plan specific, timely marketing campaigns. Promote content through social advertising.

Marketing Director: Duties are Brand Development, Identifying Target Customers, Visual Design and Web Development Strategy. Promotion and Engagement Strategies.

Visual content has a lasting effect on the viewer. Your visual branding must be consistent. Whether it’s your status updates, your landing pages or your Facebook ads, what the audience sees is what they’ll remember. Make sure it’s compelling and gets the point across.

Set Clear Objectives. In setting goals, it’s important to identify what challenges the business is experiencing.

Insufficient website traffic     and/or scant visitors Weak brand awareness Declining customer retention Poor online reputation Slow sales

Interviewer: People who can contact others for information for the writers and interview relevant campaigns. Be able to acquire information in a sensible, respectful manner. Has great people skills. We need you to contact people and interview them. We will pair you up with a writer who will give you questions that you will need to ask to various contacts. You must be able to:

Speak to people

Acquire information and relay them to the writers accurately

Be respectful and courteous

Be haste in responding

Be on call when needed

Know a lot of people already

Positions available: 0

{OPEN} Editor: People to go through the articles and proofread them. Has a more advanced understanding of the English language and understands literary devices and word choice. Understands how a news article must look and how to make it impartial. Leaves constructive criticism. You must be able to:

  •        Have an advanced understanding of the English language
  •        Able to tell the difference between biased and unbiased pieces of writing
  •        Give constructive criticism
  •        Be on call when needed
  •        Use google docs

Positions available: 1

{OPEN} Writer: People to write the articles, in English as of right now. Will be proofread, so doesn’t need to be perfect, just readable and understandable. We have documents to use if you need help making the article more interesting. Able to write informative, impartial articles (no personal stories). You must be able to:

  •        Have a basic understanding of the English language.
  •        Have advanced writing techniques
  •        Perform necessary research when required
  •        Appropriately add in interviews from the interviewer
  •        Use google docs
  •        Understand literary devices
  •        Understand the difference between biased and unbiased

Positions Available: 3

{OPEN} Graphic Designer: Designs banners, mood boards and image content for our social media accounts especially instagram. Contributes to the design of the Blog cover, Adds art/graphic designs wherever possible. Is creative and graphic-savvy. Uses a variety of different styles. You must be able to:

  •        Makes professional-looking banners for campaigns
  •        Makes creative banners (to replace pictures we can’t take in real life to add to the articles)
  •        Creative, imaginative, innovative, and can think outside the box
  •        Makes book covers, banners, etc, and has a more advanced experience in graphics (not professional, but also not basic)
  •        Can provide a basic portfolio of other work
  •        Be on call when needed

Positions Available: 3

{OPEN} Campaign Affiliates: If you’re a campaign and want to get involved, please drop us a message! We can become official affiliates and if your campaign lines up with the theme of the month, we will feature an article on our blog as well as our social media accounts. No specific requirements, except:

Support us in any way possible and help us gain momentum

Be on call when needed

Be available to be interviewed and featured on the blog

Positions Available: No limit!

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