Produced by: Visual Sensations

Genre: Talk Show

Title: “#NoFilter”.  For African Women By African Women.

Logline (short pitch): “The Real” meets “The African World”. Talk shows have been a great way to provide a voice for women for generations launching amazing careers, from greats like Oprah to Ellen and Tyra and this is a chance to provide  the African Female to not only become a part of the conversation but to give them a voice that represents them and that truly understands their struggle.

Synopsis: #NoFilter fills the void that women everywhere experience when they find themselves in need of advice or a nonjudgmental ear in a no holds bar type of way.

Talk shows are different, truly synthetic creations of television as a medium. And have become increasingly important on television and their hosts increasingly influential. They speak to cultural ideas and ideals as forcefully as politicians or educators. National talk show hosts become surrogates for the citizen. This show will provide us with our own unique voice.

From things like ‘what to expect during Lobola negotiations,’ ‘dating advice about dating an actual African Man’ and not to mention, ‘growing up in the 21st century under the African Ideals’. This is our opportunity to finally control the conversation in a fun and educational way.

This show will have

  • An integrated moderated forum where viewers can dissect each topic that will be discussed
  • Live interviews with the women of the show and the website audience
  • Video blogging of content that does not make each week’s episode
  • Website voting to determine episode settings
  • Website voting to cast each set of women to be featured

Each episode will have portions devoted to different segments of women’s lives.

“Love life” – No filter means there is no holding back and no topic too embarrassing to tackle, we want to find out the truth about dating a blesser, the sidechick phenomenon, how to combat family pressure to get married young and what it truly feels like to date in Zimbabwe during this day and age.

“Career” – Our panel will feature women from different backgrounds, age groups and different jobs such as advertising, fashion, law, and the media.  The women’s career efforts will be highlighted to show the stresses, successes, and failures that they encounter…and most importantly how they deal with those experiences.

“Friendship” – The bonding rituals of the modern city women will be highlighted as the over-riding context.


Food Tasting

Guess the song

Guess the artist

Do not sing along challenge



Guess the location

Name 5 things (5 natural remedies)

Objectives: To support, educate, nurture and entertain

Target Audience Profile: Now Generation, Teenagers (13-18) and Young Adults (19-35)